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New Expo @VONN

Everything in the garden is rosy Mel Lucy Bruneel

“Everything in the garden is rosy”

A large bouquet of artists,

ending 2023, opening 2024.


Celebrating our first year as a new gallery in the art scene in Antwerp, we present to you our new exhibition ‘Everything in the garden is rosy’. This means everything is going well (or is it?). We chose to create an exhibition with our ‘23 and ‘24 artists to give you an overview of all the talent we’re currently working with. Since winters in Belgium are infamous for dark long days, we long to create a warm romantic nest for art lovers to enjoy warm colors. It’s a challenge to combine so many artists who embody so many different themes but oh boy do we enjoy a large gorgeous bouquet with many different flowers.


This exhibition includes work by Odette Berghmans, Rony Van den Block, Danielle Brits, Mel Lucy Bruneel, Dirk Victor Caluwaerts, Jf Dekens, Jac Deuss, Angie Dorant, Chloë Nuñez Garcia, Werner Van Der Heijden, Monique Hertleer, Frank Janssens, James Lethbridge, Ulrich Lukaszewitz, Spank Moons, Niko Raes, Yuri Rosmani, Steven Thoelen, Davey WAXX Verhaeghe and David Weinberg.


– IT’S A DATE – 


9 / 12 – 18 / 02 


Thu - Sun

15 -  19 h

Or make an appointment via email (


VERNISSAGE: 9th of December, 16 h - 22 h.


VONN Global Art Gallery

Vlaamsekaai 35, 2000 Antwerp

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