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mel lucy bruneel graffiti wall painting with chloe.jpg

Mel Lucy Bruneel (born Mélanie Lambrechts, 5th of august 1994) is a Belgian artist based in Antwerp. Throughout the years she worked with many mediums such as film, painting, photography, digital illustration and graphic design. Painting, however, is her biggest love. Fascinated by the craftsmanship: where does quality lay in a painting? How can you create a painting that’s restorable? How can a painting be full within itself? All questions are kept in mind while making a painting.

Her work is often described as being anecdotal. All paintings are pages of a book that the viewer writes themselves. Adding small details, such as footsteps, weather conditions, animal behaviours,… that entail & imply bigger symbolism behind her work. Observation of the world, (social) media and the current collective emotional climate blow a wind throughout her work. Alternating between escapism (showcasing beauty) and confrontation (contributing to a better world).

portret 1.jpg


  • Kunstenaap, 2014 GROUP

  • Espectro, Zomerzintuigen, 2014. GROUP

  • Sitflip, @Fish&Chips, 2016 GROUP

  • Zes Vingers in een Handschoen, Sint-Lucas Antwerpen 2017. GROUP

  • Exit Strategy #pleaseaddcolor, Kop vzw 2020. GROUP

  • Collection of works @Canvas by Querencia, Antwerp, kunstgezind. 2020. SOLO

  • 'Een greep uit ons portfolio'// NOVA'S ACHTERWERK door Kunstgezind, 19 november - 10 december 2021. GROUP

  • PEK Markt door Goe Bezig, Pekfabrik, 11 - 12 december 2021. GROUP

  • Palimpsest #3, YOC/ Galerie Dessers, 2022. GROUP

  • Grenzenlos, VONN Global Art Gallery, dec-feb 22-23. DUO

Studies & Carreer


RITCS Brussels, Assistant Director.

De Kunsthumaniora! Berchem, Certificate in Fine Arts.


Sint-Lucas, Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts with distinction.


KASK Antwerp, Graphic Design.


Lucas Creativ, Shop Assistant.


Happy Painting with Baya Collective & Mel Lucy Bruneel, 2021.
Will hopefully get the opportunity to give more classes in the future!

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